New security measures for alleyways are being carried out by the Secure Redoubt team.
In the autumn we surveyed Redoubt area residents and heard the views of more than 130 people. The overwhelming majority told us that unsafe and poorly kept alleyways needed to be tackled as a priority to help them feel more secure and prevent crime. They reported how alleyways could provide cover for burglars and had become a hotspot for litter and flytipping.
We recently cleared numerous alleyways, plan to spray weed killer there in the spring and are encouraging people to help keep them free of refuse.

As a result of the feedback we received, we are now improving the security of alleyways too, including:

  • Installing a metal panel at the entrance of the adjacent alleyway located at the end of Bayhams Road in place of the burnt-out and boarded up gate there. This will continue to prevent access from the alleyway into the business premises car park in Bayhams Road, otherwise leaving the other entrances at Cambridge Road and Hampden Terrace open.
  • Installing a new gate on the alleyway pictured below, where it opens into Hanover Road – see the red circle on the map.

This alleyway will remain accessible from Warrior Square while offering greater security to homes perceived as vulnerable, in line with residents’ views. This new gate (red circle) will be lockable and an access code will be provided to Warrior Square residents.

The yellow circles on the map show existing gates and the orange circle is where a new gate and fence is planned to close off access to the alley at Gwent Court. Church Cottages 1 and 2 are being consulted separately regarding their continued rear access into the car park at St James Road and Latimer Road.

  • Installing four new gates as located at the red circles on the map below.

These locations have been decided following feedback from the residents’ survey to prevent access where criminal or anti-social behaviour has been reported while leaving other entrances open to limit impact on people living in the area.

These gates will be lockable and access codes will be provided to residents.

Other suggested locations were considered but these were not successful because they would have resulted in bins being obstructed, fitting an effective gate was not possible or there are a large number of underground services present.