At the start of the project, we knew it was crucial to engage with local people and find out their views. This was difficult because of Covid-19 restrictions so we posted letters to residents and businesses outlining the Secure Redoubt scheme and offered them the opportunity to answer an online or postal survey and to attend Zoom calls.

We also launched a Secure Redoubt website, Facebook page, dedicated phone line and email account.

A huge amount of information came to the team to help us understand what people’s concerns were regarding security and safety, where potential crime hot spots were and how they felt about alley gates and CCTV.

More than 130 people took part in our engagement process and the feedback was very useful in informing the measures we took. A number of local stakeholders were also approached, as was every business in the area. Every piece of feedback was analysed and used to guide the process.

Read our comprehensive Residents’ Engagement Report below: