Clean Environment

Report It – Smartphone App

We all appreciate living in a clean and tidy environment. Report It is a quick and easy way to report environmental problems to the council. In just a few taps you can report the problem, give the location and include a photo.

Your report then goes straight through to the right team to deal with the issue. Issues you can report include flytipping, littering, litter bins that need to be cleaned or emptied, dog fouling, dog bins that need to be cleaned or emptied, street cleaning such as sweeping or removal of leaves and weeds.

For more information or to download the app visit

Alleyways have been cleared


Secure Redoubt is working with residents to tidy up alleyways that are neglected and potential hotspots for crime. 

In the autumn we heard from more than 130 residents. The overwhelming majority told us that poorly kept and unsafe alleyways needed to be tackled as a priority to help people feel secure and prevent crime. 

As a result, the Secure Redoubt team recently cleared dozens of alleyways. 

With residents’ help, we want to make fly tipping a thing of the past and increase pride in our community. 

Here is an example of the transformation we are making:



Secure Redoubt is a short government-funded scheme that ends in spring 2021 and these alleyway clean-ups are a one-off. 

We are asking for people’s support in making sure alleyways in the Redoubt area remain clear and free of flytipping and rubbish for the future. Here are some ways people can help: 

  • If you see flytipping– report it using Eastbourne Borough Council’s smartphone app called Report It (see above). 
  • If you have an item of bulky waste such as a fridge, freezer, mattress, armchair or television to get rid of, never leave it in an alleyway – this creates an eyesore and could lead to a fine or prosecution for flytipping. For details about the council’s bulky waste collection visit 
  • If you have transport, your local household waste and recyclingcentrein St Philip’s Avenue, Eastbourne BN22 8NB, is open to residents and provides a good way of disposing of bulky waste. 
  • Please make sure you don’t leave any extra bags or items beside your wheelie bin for household waste as these cannot be collected.
  • Please check you put your rubbish into the correct bin. Wrongly disposed of items contaminate bins and mean they cannot be emptied.
  • Do not leave unwanted Christmas trees in alleyways. Real trees can be recycled or turned into chippings for parks. If chopped up into manageable pieces, you can recycle them by putting inside your green wheelie bin. Alternatively, you can take them to the household waste and recycling centre in St Philip’s Avenue.