Be Secure – What’s on Offer?

For residents

A FREE basic home security pack delivered to your home

Free basic home security packs are available, sourced by Secure Redoubt from the UK’s leading supplier of quality crime prevention and community safety products. These kits come with full instructions so anyone can use them. Each item has been carefully chosen, they are easy to use, batteries are supplied and no permanent fitting or tools are required. For one of these packs to be delivered to your home free of charge please contact us by email using the Contact Us form on this website or by phone at 07943 366489. 

The packs contain:

  • A plug-in simulated TV light that looks like the television is on when you’re out
  • 24-hour segment timer that switches lights or the radio on and off while you are away
  • Door wedge alarm – if someone tries to open the door it will sound a powerful siren
  • Mini chime and alarm – if the door is opened it will either chime or sound a siren
  • Personal alarm key chain, pressing the button sets off a 128dBs siren
  • Property marking kit
  • Stickers stating ‘This property is alarmed’
  • Packs for ground floor flats and houses will also contain 2 window alarms

Contact us now to access FREE home security improvements

We have re-started our offer for free home security improvements available to residents in the Secure Redoubt area.

If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please contact us as soon as possible because the number of appointments left are limited. All appointments must be carried out by the end of March and will be booked on a first-come, first-served basis.

The free security enhancements are fitted by an approved local locksmith as part of the Secure Redoubt programme to make people feel safe in their homes and within the community.

Security enhancements offered include devices such as window locks, door bolts, door chains, door viewers, letterbox visor guards, shed and gate locks, and solar powered security lights where appropriate.

Secure Redoubt funding will cover the cost of supplying and fitting devices. You can get in touch by email, using the Contact Us form on this website or by phone on 07943 366489.

Once your eligibility is confirmed, one of our approved locksmiths will contact you to discuss the security enhancements available and make an appointment to fit them.

All appointments will strictly adhere to Covid-secure guidelines.

We rigorously follow Covid-secure guidance. When visiting, all locksmiths will wear a face mask during the appointment and follow social distancing guidelines. We ask that you follow social distancing too as they carry out the work and open the doors and windows in the rooms they are working in to provide ventilation. We would ask that you ensure that a householder over the age of 18 is present for the appointment, otherwise the locksmith will not be able to carry out the work.

Unfortunately, the offer is not available to those living in larger blocks of council owned properties in the area, as separate arrangements are being made to improve the security of communal entrances in these buildings over the coming months.

Internet security in your home

Here are some measures to consider and check to help minimise cyber-attack threats to all the internet connected devices in your home:

– Secure your home Wi-Fi – Use a modern wireless router that uses up-to-date network security technology – the commonly applied standard is called Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (or WPA2 for short), which scrambles information travelling between your home and the internet.

– Passwords protect your Wi-Fi – Always make sure that the password protection on your router is switched on and use a strong password that other cannot guess. Change it every so often.

– Know what is connected – Before you can secure your devices, you have to know what is vulnerable to an attack. The average home has five connected devices, excluding computers and smartphones. Make a list of them all to help keep track of what is linked to the outside world.

– Password protect all devices and accounts – Every smart device you have should be protected with a strong username and password that includes letters, numbers and symbols. Always change the default password on your devices and do not make all the passwords you use the same.

– Take care when checking remote devices away from home – Always make sure the network you’re using is secure when connecting to devices when away. Do not use any Wi-Fi that isn’t password protected as insecure connections can make your device vulnerable to hacking.

– Keep your smartphone secure – A lost smartphone or tablet can provide access to connected devices, so always use a strong password or pin to protect it. Most phone providers offer services to track and lock lost devices, so make sure you are registered to use these.

– Disconnect devices when not in use – Turn off any smart devices when you aren’t using them, particularly those with microphones and video cameras. Devices such as smart thermostats require a constant connection, but others, including smart TVs and video cameras, do not.

– Turn on updates – Smart devices regularly release system updates that address user and security issues. Most devices have a setting that will allow the automatic installation of updates, so make sure these are switched on.

Following these simple steps should prove sufficient for most households. However, if you have a lot of connected devices on your network there are further, more technical steps you might want to consider such as setting up firewalls or setting up separate networks for connected devices on your router.

For Businesses

If your business is within our area you are eligible to become a member of the Shopwatch scheme free of charge. Some funding is also available to improve the security of business premises.

Eastbourne Shopwatch

Run by Eastbourne Business Crime Group, Shopwatch provides a town link radio network connecting members to each other. It excludes repeat offenders from all shops in the network.

By sharing photographs and information, traders are warned of potential trouble when shoplifters or people known for anti-social behaviour are active or crime trends are occurring. In addition the website and smart phone app allows you to directly report crimes through to Sussex Police.

For more information visit

Other support to boost the security of your premises is also available.