In the autumn of 2020, we surveyed Redoubt area residents and heard the views of more than 130 people.

The overwhelming majority told us that unsafe and poorly kept alleyways needed to be tackled as a priority to help them feel more secure and prevent crime. They reported how alleyways could provide cover for burglars and had become a hotspot for litter and flytipping.

As a result, we cleared 40 alleyways of weeds, rubbish and flytipped items, and sprayed weed killer there during the spring. These were one-time activities as Secure Redoubt was a six-month project.

We hope our work encourages people to help keep their alleyways clean, improves safety and boosts pride in the Redoubt neighbourhood.

Here are some examples of the transformation we have made:

We have installed five new lockable alley gates and repaired two others to improve security in areas around people’s homes.

These locations were decided following feedback from the residents’ survey to prevent access where criminal or anti-social behaviour was reported.

The gates are lockable and access codes have been provided to residents and businesses in the immediate vicinity only, as well as for council and emergency services access.

The locations of the new alley gates are:

  • Two in Willowfield Road
  • Sheen Road
  • Willowfield Square
  • Gwent Court

A further lockable gate is soon to be installed in Belmore Road.

Download a leaflet on alleyways here:

Download a leaflet about what items go inside your wheelie bin here: